About the Survey

The Arizona Veteran Survey was launched in 2017 as the first-ever comprehensive survey of service members, veterans, their families and community members. The survey is conducted every two years and provides important insight into how military and veteran populations access resources and the barriers they face in utilizing support services to inform how the Coalition can better serve and empower these populations. Over the past three surveys, over 25,000 total responses have been received from across Arizona.

The 2023 Arizona Veteran Survey is now open!

The survey is open through February 2024.

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The survey is open to everyone in Arizona including:

  • Service Members: Active duty, Guard & Reserve from all branches
  • Veterans: Anyone who has served in the military, regardless of age, era or discharge status
  • Family Members: Immediate and extended family members
  • Helpers and Providers: Anyone who has a role in serving and supporting our military, veteran and family population
  • Community Members: Anyone in the community that cares about and support our service members, veterans and their families