Our Initiatives

ACMF facilitates key initiatives to strengthen cross-sector collaboration and support for service members, veterans, their families and communities. Examples of key initiatives include:


Be Connected

Launched in 2017, Be Connected is a comprehensive direct-service and education program empowering all Arizona citizens in and around veteran communities to enrich the lives of others.

Through three components – call, match, and learn – the program works toward the following goals:

  • Reduce deaths by suicide in Arizona’s population of service members and veterans.
  • Build upon existing capacity and strengths within the service systems, adding a new layer of coordination and support.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness and develop a sustainability plan that builds program components into systems and funding.

Be Connected is implemented on behalf of the military and veteran community in partnership with public and private sector stakeholders. The Leadership Partners represent different sectors (military, government, and community) and work closely together to build upon existing community strengths to create the most effective program possible. The participation of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs includes the Phoenix VA Health Care System, the Northern Arizona VA Health Care System, and the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System.

The program was created in coordination with the Office of the late Senator John McCain. He and his team were instrumental in having Arizona designated as a pilot program site under the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, which established the foundation upon which Be Connected was built.

To learn more about Be Connected, visit beconnectedaz.org.


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Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment

The Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment is a statewide plan that engages public and private sector organizations with a goal of connecting service members, veterans, and their family members to employment opportunities, training, and resources.

The Roadmap is structured around an employment equation that encompasses a focus on the interests and needs of different key stakeholder groups, as well as the relationship between those stakeholders with an end goal of successful hiring and retention.

The goals of the Roadmap include:

  • Job seekers and employees have access to information and support resources for their job search and career progression.
  • Employment service providers are equipped with the training, contacts, and resources to effectively assist job seekers with job search and barriers.
  • Employers know the value of these employees, how to connect to this pool of job seekers and can effectively capitalize on and retain employees.


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Arizona Veteran Survey

The 2019 Arizona Veteran Survey recently concluded on January 31, 2020. Results will become available upon completion of analysis.

The survey is open to everyone in Arizona including:

  • Service Members: Active duty, Guard & Reserve from all branches
  • Veterans: Anyone who has served in the military, regardless of age, era or discharge status
  • Family Members: Immediate and extended family members
  • Helpers and Providers: Anyone who has a role in serving and supporting our military, veteran and family population
  • Community Members: Anyone in the community that cares about and support our service members, veterans and their families

Learn more at www.AZVeteranSurvey.org