Mil/Vet Employment Roadmap

Welcome to the Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment!

The Roadmap is a statewide plan that engages public and private sector organizations with a goal of reducing unemployment & underemployment among service members, veterans and their family members. The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services and the Arizona Coalition for Military Families are the lead implementation partners.

The Employment Equation

The roadmap is structured around an employment equation that encompasses a focus on the interests and needs of different key stakeholder groups, as well as the relationship between those stakeholders with an end goal of successful hiring and retention:

Employment Roadmap Equation

What are the goals of the roadmap?

The roadmap will focus on the following targets for each of the key stakeholder groups from the employment equation:

Employment Roadmap Targets

Implementation of the Employment Roadmap will begin in fall of 2014. Scroll down to learn more about what is available to job seekers, employment service providers and employers.

Job seeker icons


Assistance is available on an on-going basis to job seekers in the following ways:

Military/Veteran Employment Resource Center

BY PHONE: 602-753-8802     BY EMAIL:

ONLINE 24/7: – a Department of Defense website that includes a Military Skills Translator and job matching.

My Next Move for Veterans – a Department of Labor website that includes an Interest Profiler.

There are many additional resources statewide available to assist service members, veterans and their family members with finding employment.

Visit the Quickstart Resource Guide on Employment for more information. Thank you for your service!

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Through the roadmap, training and technical assistance will be offered to public and private sector employment service providers. This can include an array of support such as:

  • Military culture training
  • Military/Veteran Resource Navigation training (including a specialized focus on military/veteran employment)
  • Facilitation of cross-sector collaboration and coordination of service delivery
  • Technical assistance to become a partner organization on the Military/Veteran Resource Network

If you are an employment service provider and would like more information, please contact us at 602-753-8802 or


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Public and private sector employers of all sizes are invited to be a part of the roadmap, which will focus on engaging organizations as Arizona Veteran Supportive Employers (AVSE) and strengthening recruiting, hiring and retention of service members, veterans and family members. ACMF and ADVS can offer the following to assist employers:

  • Military culture training
  • Military/Veteran Resource Navigation training
  • Technical assistance to become an Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer

If you are an employer and would like more information, please contact us at 602-753-8802 or