Be Connected: Door-to-Door

Program Overview

As part of our overall mission to help support Arizona veterans, service members and families, the Be Connected: Door-to-Door program will provide assistance to rural Arizona communities. This program was established in response to the specialty transportation needs in rural communities to ensure that veterans, their family members and caregivers have a safe, no-cost, door-to-door ride to and from VA medical appointments.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Be Connected: Door-to-Door program work?  We source reliable volunteer drivers in your local area and match their availability to your needs. This service is available at no cost to veterans, their family members and caregivers.

Where will the Be Connected: Door-to-Door volunteer driver go? Volunteer drivers will be able to provide a safe, no cost ride and specialty assistance to and from medical appointments, as well as to other community services such as the grocery store, pharmacy, pet store and community support programs for social and recreational opportunities. The volunteer driver will arrive at the door of the pick-up address, assist with entering and exiting the vehicle and assist with errands related to healthcare and wellness.

Why will this service be offered? This no cost, door-to-door safe ride and errand assistance service is an important part of the overall mission of Be Connected to ensure that Arizona’s veterans, service members and family members have the resources they need to feel supported, connected and well. While there are existing services in the community, these services sometimes have restrictions or operations that may not fit the unique needs of veterans.

How does Be Connected: Door-to-Door work? Transportation program volunteer drivers will pick up a veteran from their location of choice and return them to their location of choice, including appropriate stops along the way, as needed. This will help veterans with transportation issues that inhibit their ability to access a full range of resources and support to improve their social determinants of health.

Currently following COVID-related guidance, the program is able to deliver essential items to veterans (e.g. food boxes, etc.) and provide transportation of veterans, family members and caregivers to other locations.  


Be Connected: Door-to-Door is facilitated by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families, with the participation of volunteer drivers to carry out the mission. If you would like to read more information about this opportunity, please view the Volunteer Driver opportunity on the Be Connected website. If you are interested in becoming a Be Connected volunteer driver, you can submit an inquiry form here: BC Volunteer Driver Inquiry Form.


This program is available statewide.

If you have any questions about this program or are interested in more information, please contact the Be Connected support line at 1-866-429-8387 (4AZ-VETS) or by email at


Special thanks to the NARBHA Institute, the Maricopa Association of Governments and the Bob Woodruff Foundation for their support of the Be Connected: Door-to-Door program!


Connection to Resources

If you need connection to resources for anything, please contact the Be Connected support line at 1-866-429-8387 (4AZ-VETS). The support line is open to all service members, veterans, family members and helpers statewide. The line is staffed during business hours, and messages are returned within one business day.