Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment


The Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment is a statewide plan that engages public and private sector organizations in an effort to connect service members, veterans and their family members to gainful employment opportunities, professional development and training opportunities and resources. 

The center of the Roadmap framework houses an employment equation aimed at bridging the gap between the military and civilian workforce through focused engagement across key community stakeholders. This approach enables key stakeholder to align their needs and interests with the unique skill set offered by the military and veteran community, enabling more successful hiring and retention of veterans, service members and their families in the civilian workforce following separation from duty. 

Employment Equation

The goals of the Roadmap include: 

  • Job seekers and employees have access to information and support resources for their job search and career progression.
  • Employment service providers are equipped with the training, contacts and resources to effectively assist job seekers with job search and barriers.
  • Employers know the value of these employees, how to connect to this pool of job seekers and can effectively capitalize on and retain employees.


Programs and Initiatives


SkillBridge – SkillBridge is a Department of Defense authorized program that allows service members with command approval to complete internships at approved civilian companies within the last six months of their military service. Service members continue to receive military pay and benefits as if they were actively working within their unit. As the only authorized employer in the state of Arizona, the Arizona Coalition for Military Families coordinates a statewide program in partnership with the military installations, state agencies and local employers.

SkillBridge Employer Inquiry Form

SkillBridge Service Member Inquiry Form


Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer (AVSE) – The AVSE program is a voluntary designation earned by public and private sector employers who equip their workplaces to more effectively recruit, hire and retain veterans. For employers interested in participating or for those who have already gone through the process to earn the designation, the Arizona Coalition for Military Families provides support, training and technical assistance at no cost.

AVSE Pre-application


Total Navigation – Total Navigation brings together the Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment and Arizona’s Be Connected program to support service members, dual career Guard & reserve members and their family members through the transition process. Utilizing a holistic approach, the Roadmap and Be Connected teams work in tandem to provide this support through connection to career opportunities and other resources that directly impact their livelihood and opportunities for success in the civilian world. This project is a partnership between the Arizona Coalition for Military Families, Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family and Boeing.


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