United Rentals

Partner: United Rentals

Joined the Network: June 2016

Type of Partner: Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer

Overview: United Rentals was founded in 1997 and quickly became the world’s largest equipment provider. Today, our company continues to build on its industry leadership with a best –in-class range of resources and the largest customer service network of its kind in North America.

United Rentals deploys over $8 billion of fleet through more than 880 branches, a centralized reservation service and online capabilities. Our branches are fully integrated through technology, allowing them to collaborate on solving customer needs.

United Rentals’ customer base is a diverse mix of construction and industrial companies, utilities, municipalities, government agencies and others. Most of our customers align with three categories: 52% are non-construction, such as industrial; 44% are non-residential construction; and 4% are residential.

Region: Statewide

Website: www.UnitedRentals.com

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