TMC Hospice/Peppi’s House

Partner: TMC Hospice/Peppi’s House

Joined the Network: January 2014

Type of Partner: General

Mission: Our Mission at TMC Hospice is to provide compassion, dignity and gratitude to the Veterans who enter our hospice program. We would like to provide care to veterans earlier in their disease process and have the veteran/family understand the benefits of hospice care. Simple acts of gratitude at the end of life can provide a final opportunity for veterans to know that their service was not in vain and that they are appreciated. As we say at TMC hospice ” It’s never too late to say Thank You”. TMC hospice provides care for more than 250 U.S. Veterans each year. We provide on-going veteran specific education to all staff and volunteers. As we have learned veterans have unique medical and spiritual challenges. Helping our veterans heal , and understanding the unique needs of veterans and their families, learning how to accompany and guide the veteran through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending. An average of 1600 veterans die each day how are we going to make an impact on the lives we touch and provide the necessary end-of-life care that each and every veteran deserves!

Region: Southern Arizona (Cochise & Pima Counties, Tucson and Benson)


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