Black Family and Child Services of Arizona

Partner: Black Family and Child Services of Arizona

Joined the Network: July 2015

Type of Partner: Behavioral Health

Mission: Black Family and Child Services has a five-fold mission:

  • Improving the quality of life for families by empowering them to meet the economic,social and emotional challenges of daily living
  • Enabling youths to develop positive aspirations and motivation, and helping them to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to become productive, self- sufficient adults
  • Serving as an advocate for children and families so their needs, hopes and aspirations are heard and understood by the larger community
  • Taking a leadership role in working for solutions to social, economic and educational problems that threaten the well-being of children and youths, and
  • Developing working partnerships with public institutions, private corporations,community organizations, agencies and individuals to ensure that children and youthshave the opportunity, encouragement and support to become responsible, productiveand self-sufficient adults

Region: Maricopa County


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