Partner: Alorica

Joined the Network: August 2015

Type of Partner: Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer

Overview: Alorica is about creating opportunities for our clients to:

-become industry leaders
-achieve a better return from their investment in their customers
-differentiate themselves from their competition

We realize that with every customer contact lies
opportunity — the opportunity to make a connection. The responsibility of interacting with our clients’ customers is one we take seriously, knowing that the impression our people make can mean the difference between losing or gaining a lifetime of loyalty.
By serving the entire customer lifecycle and managing all aspects of a customer‘s interaction, we have the ability and experience to enhance the overall customer experience and deliver results.

We bring to life our value proposition of creating trusting relationships and delivering results through our belief in creating opportunities for our clients, for our people, and in our communities.

Region: Statewide


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