Topic Overviews

The following are links to topics that may be of interest to service members, veterans and their families. Each link provides an overview and connection to additional information.

EMPLOYMENT – Unemployment and underemployment among the military, veteran and family population continues to be of significant concern. The good news is that more and more employers see the value that a military background brings to the workplace and are actively seeking to hire those with a military affiliation.

FAMILY ISSUES – Service, deployment and reintegration can lead to a great deal of stress on families. From parenting to relationships to the needs of children and youth, families are asked to juggle a lot. There is a lot of information and support to help with these challenges.

FINANCES – Financial issues are of concern for many people today and military service can result in heightened challenges that can be a significant strain on service members, veterans and their families. There are resources available to help individuals and families navigate these challenges.

HIGHER EDUCATION – There are many options for pursuing higher education to improve job and career options. When going back to school, there are many factors to consider, including the trend toward veteran supportive campuses and the goal of increasing retention and graduation rates to promote a successful educational experience.

HOUSING & HOMELESSNESS – Finances and other stressors can put an individual or family at risk of homelessness. There are many organizations available to assist service members, veterans and families who are homeless or to assist in preventing homelessness, as part of Arizona’s 5-year plan to end veteran homelessness.

LEGAL – A growing number of service members and veterans are involved in the criminal justice system for different types of legal issues. Many agencies are partnering together on initiatives like Veterans Courts to reduce the negative impact of justice involvement and to connect veterans to resources that will help them move forward.

MENTAL HEALTH – The stress of service, deployment and reintegration can result in mental health concerns for service members, veterans and family members. More and more efforts are being made to reduce the stigma associated with getting help and support and there is an array of resources available to assist with these concerns.

PHYSICAL HEALTH – Physical health is a key focus of military life and an important part of overall wellness. Learn more about some of the physical health concerns service members and veterans are experiencing and options for health care.

SPIRITUALITY For many people, spirituality is an important part of their identity and their ability to cope. Spiritual care is embedded in the military and VA health care and more and more faith communities are focused on responding to the spiritual needs of service members, veterans and their families.