Homeless Veterans Quickstart Guide

Welcome to the Homeless & At-Risk for Homelessness Quickstart Guide.

This is a starting point for information and resources about resources for those who are homeless or at-risk for becoming homeless.

This guide is intended for:

  • Service members and veterans of any branch or component who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless
  • Family members
  • A person who is helping one of the above

The following are resources specifically focused on assisting individuals and families:

1. Call the Help for Homeless Veteran Line: This line is available 24/7 to any veteran, family member or concerned person nationwide and will connect the caller to local VA homeless programs and resources. Call 1-877-424-3838 or click the link below for more information.

Link: Help for Homeless Veteran Line

2. Contact the Community Resource & Referral Center: The CRRC is a program in Maricopa County that can connect individuals and families to housing and other resources.

Contact info: 1500 E. Thomas Road, Suite 106 – 602-248-6040 or 602-568-7843

3. Attend a StandDown event: StandDowns provide a time of respite for veterans and families who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness. These events usually last 1-3 days and offer on-site assistance for addressing needs such as housing, medical care, resolving legal issues, obtaining documentation and basic needs like food and clothing. The Arizona StandDown in Maricopa County is the largest event in the country. In 2013, the event served over 1500 veterans in three days. There are also events around the state. Visit the link below to learn more.

LinkArizona StandDown