Partner: Edgeneering

Joined the Network: August 2015

Type of Partner: Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer

Vision: Edgeneering LLC is an Arizona LLC, founded in 2007.  However our history and our founder’s journey in computer technologies date way back to the late 1970s. Our founders have seen the advancement in human achievement in technology since the dawn of the personal computer.  It’s not uncommon to find any one of our founders with a soldering iron in their hand, or coding long into the night on a software project.  This is because computers and software engineering is in our blood.  It’s not only our business, but it’s our passion.  When it comes to building cutting edge technological solutions, we see ourselves as part of that human evolution chain.  That your software application is part of a long history of human achievement and should be given that level of attention.

Region: Central Arizona

Website: www.Edgeneering.com

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